"It's easy to think outside of the box, just don't ever get into one in the first place!"
Cycles & Sushi is the duality of the visual arts focus of Patrick Wong. A duality within its own title. The motorcycle a modern marvel of technology and simple engineering transformed into a fluid body of motion. Sushi, a Japanese style of food prepared masterfully with great precision to form elegant structure and poetic grace.
"Being creative has never been a challenge for me. What's hard is getting someone to see what I see and to be just as excited about it."
Patrick takes on this duality through visual media. In design he is a mechanic, creating functionality and communicative focus through objects and colors. As an artist he is a chef, experimenting with ideas and dreams to create flavors all his own. Both sides working in perfect harmony to create visual impact from imagination and passion.
"Picasso once said, 'I am always doing things I cannot do, that is how I get to do.' A great line to remember when you are scared of failing."
Cycles & Sushi is a gallery of the various ideas, projects, and works by Patrick Wong.

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